Setting the Marketing and Sales Goals

Scheduling the Pipeline Goals

It’s useful to translate your pipeline to a timeline in order to ensure you are meeting deadlines in the steps leading up to closings. Click here for a sample of a Marketing and Sales Pipeline Schedule.

If a marketing program is not generating the numbers hoped for, you can figure out which step has too much fallout and work to solve that problem. For example, if you are not getting enough inquiries in the first step, expand your marketing efforts to reach more potential buyers. If you aren’t getting enough inquiries from qualified buyers, revise and target your marketing to reach more groups of people who meet your criteria. The more accurate your targeting is in the beginning, the smaller the ratio will be between those at the beginning of the process versus those who actually close.

Also, if you know that your intake system (and homebuyer education system, if you have one) is not currently set up to handle the capacity you’ll need to process all the prospective buyers you’ll attract, this pipeline schedule can help you plan to build your capacity.

Click here for a worksheet to help you plan your pipeline goals, and a sample schedule.