Promoting Product Benefits

Marketing Messages for First-Time Buyers and Specific Target Markets

Sample Marketing Messages for Affordable Home Buyers

For any buyer in the market:

  • NEW spacious, beautiful, energy-efficient homes are now available with BUYER CREDITS OF UP TO $25,000 for qualified households.
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds – a new home in an established neighborhood – and the convenience of living in-town in beautiful Metropolis.
  • With more than 100 new homes being built, the friendly, green Oakwood neighborhood will see more than $10 million of investment in the next 18 months.
  • Our buyer credits of up to $25,000 per qualified household are here through a limited-time stimulus grant. They will not last forever – act now by registering for one of our weekly “BEAUTIFUL HOMES – BEAUTIFUL PRICES” information sessions.
  • SORRY YOU MISSED THE HOMEBUYER TAX CREDIT? Take a look at OUR homebuyer credit: up to $25,000 per qualified household, for a limited time only, to help you buy one of our gorgeous new homes in Metropolis.
  • Our homes have three bedrooms, two baths, big backyards, energy-efficient appliances – and are built with green, allergy- and asthma-resistant materials.
  • Our first ten closed buyers will receive a NEW WASHER AND DRYER to go with their new home! Call today to get started by attending one of our weekly BEAUTIFUL HOMES – BEAUTIFUL PRICES information sessions.
  • If you don’t qualify immediately, we will work with you to get your credit ready and make sure you are equipped to shop for the best deal in town on your financing.
  • Our free SMARTBuyerTM Home Purchase Training puts you in charge of your home buying experience. As a SMARTBuyerTM graduate, you’ll be on the road to smart choices to make your home purchase last a lifetime.

For Specific Target Markets

Target Market Possible Marketing Messages
Renters with pets
  • Wish you had a “forever home” for your pet instead of an apartment?
  • You’d be surprised at how low the cost of homeownership is today.
  • Give your pet a REAL treat – his very own backyard!
Nonprofit Employees
  • You work every day to help others – now it’s YOUR turn.
Congregants of neighborhood churches, mosques and other faith institutions 
  • HAVE FAITH in your ability to own a home – right here in the neighborhood.
Neighborhood renters
  • You don’t have to move out to move up in the old neighborhood – dream homes now available at unbelievable prices.
Families and staff of neighborhood schools near your properties and employees of neighborhood employers who meet your income profile
  • Spend less time driving and more time enjoying your new home.
  • Gas prices getting you down? Gas prices go up, but a home of your own with a fixed-rate mortgage is something you can count on. Beautiful homes at affordable prices are now available, so close to work/school you could walk.
Friends and family of existing neighborhood homeowners 
  • Home is where your heart is – spend more time with friends and family by living in the same neighborhood. Beautiful homes are now available in Oakwood at once-in-a-lifetime-prices.
Adult students at nearby community college
  • You’re getting the degree - now get the home.
  • You’d be surprised at how low the cost of homeownership is today.
  • Your dream home is now available at a once-in-a-lifetime-price, right here in the neighborhood.
For buyers of homes with apartments
  • Become a homeowner and landlord at the same time.
  • Our beautifully renovated duplex and triplex buildings can reduce your monthly costs significantly by producing rental income.