Promoting Product Benefits

Marketing Messages

Marketing messages are the way you describe and promote your product benefits to target markets. Marketing messages should not be “just the facts,” but rather should follow these four guidelines:

  1. Communicate Benefits: Describe the benefits of the product, as perceived by the potential buyer – rather than the features of the product. For example:
    1. Affordable = “beautiful homes at beautiful prices”
    2. Green = “very low utilities” and “allergy and asthma-resistant building materials”
    3. Close to transportation = “spend more time enjoying your home, less time commuting”
    4. Homebuyer education required = “SmartBuyer training puts you in charge of your homebuying experience” and “you’ll know how to choose the loan that’s right for you, and safe for your future”
    5. Subsidy = “homebuyer credits up to $25,000 for qualified buyers”
    6. Target neighborhood = “featured neighborhood” or “close to downtown, parks, restaurants, recreation trail”
    7. Working with a nonprofit = “you won’t be outbid by cash investors”
    8. A great deal = “feel confident about your home purchase, knowing you got the highest quality construction at a below-market price”
  2. Mirror Target Markets: Get outside of your own head and into your customer’s mindset. Describe benefits the way your customer would perceive and describe them. If you don’t know, ask a focus group of potential buyers or real estate agents. Check out your successful competitors (such as a private developer) and mimic their language.
  3. Three Products: Remember, you are selling a house, a neighborhood and financing – talk about all three.
  4. Be Persuasive: You’re selling this product. It is not uncommon for nonprofit or government developers to become inured to how fantastic a deal their properties are. Be enthusiastic and remember your homes have very high-quality rehab or construction at an extremely affordable price, with cash incentives that are unmatched. This kind of deal is unlikely to come around again in these potential buyers’ lifetimes.

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