Conclusion: Pulling It All Together

Suggested Planning Process and Associated Plan Document Components

Taken together, these worksheets constitute most of your marketing plan document. The chart below summarizes a suggested planning process and the associated components of a complete marketing and sales plan document. Even if you don’t do all of your planning at once, integrating parts of the process into your existing marketing efforts may improve your sales.


Process Step

Marketing Plan Document

Step 1

Recruit your marketing team and real estate agent; train them with the Home Sales and Marketing Guide


Step 2

Develop and implement your market research plan


Step 3

Analyze and interpret the implications of your research findings for your preliminary product design, pricing and target market selection


  • Findings of market research

Step 4

Develop sales and marketing pipeline schedule


Step 5

Identify and analyze customer profile and target markets


Step 6

Define or refine product


Step 7

Develop pricing strategy


  • Summary of pricing and rationale

Step 8

Create marketing messages for each target market


Step 9

Identify marketing strategies and tools for each target market


Step 10

Plan evaluation methods


Step 11

Develop marketing budget


Step 12

Produce marketing plan document


  • All of the above, plus work plan assigning responsibilities and deadlines

Step 13

Implement marketing plan



Step 14

Track and monitor success; refine plan accordingly