Conclusion: Pulling It All Together

Review of Worksheets

If you’ve followed along with the Guide from the beginning, and completed the worksheets, you should now have:

Sales and Marketing Team Recruitment Plan
A list of the key skill areas needed on your sales and marketing team, possible team members who could bring those skills, and who will recruit them.

Market Research Plan
Lists research topics, research questions, sources of data, who will collect and analyze it, and a schedule.

Marketing and Sales Pipeline Schedule
This schedule lists all the steps in your marketing and sales pipeline, from the acquisition or construction of homes to customer phone inquiries, purchase offers, and finally sales. A monthly calendar estimates the number of potential buyers you must have in each step to achieve your sales goals.

Target Market Analysis
Lists your target markets, their preferences and where they can be reached with marketing messages.

Analysis of Competition/Property Assessment
Compares features and prices of four competing properties on the market in your price range, and identifies the features and prices you think your homes should have to compete effectively for qualified homebuyers.

Marketing Messages
Identifies marketing messages tailored to each of your target markets to maximize the possibility of matching their particular preferences and capturing their attention.

Marketing Strategies
This worksheet expands on the Target Market Analysis by identifying marketing strategies and tools that can deliver customized messages to each target market.

Evaluation Methods
Identifies methods for tracking the success of each marketing strategy so your team can make adjustments.

Marketing Budget
Calculates a pro forma budget amount and itemizes expenses.